A little about us.

Technology is in our DNA at PEAK, but that's not true for everyone. We know how quickly technology troubles kill great projects. Teams often put off technical self-improvement in favor of keeping the lights on, with constant emergencies eating away at those few extra minutes you set aside to check out that link from your lead analyst on the top-rated cloud-based BI platforms. What is a BI platform anyway, and aren't you already in the cloud? What are all these icons?

PEAK Management knows how difficult it can be to navigate jargon that changes every six months just to keep up, all the while knowing your balance sheet needs attention. Hiring a managed services firm is a great idea, but where do you start and what is it going to cost? Maybe you can just go whole hog on Google Apps or Office 365 to keep things simple, but what about the transition?

And that's just getting the tools set up. What about new processes, training, data quality, security, compliance, or governance policies?

PEAK specializes in helping leaders in small and medium-sized organizations simplify and embrace technology and data management. We translate technical problems into business solutions, develop prioritization strategies and road maps, and eliminate the noise from the decision-making process to unlock the engine of growth. We're also pretty great teachers.

Our approach.

Our philosophy evolved from experiences in small but growing organizations, where we learned how NOT to approach technology. The bruises, bumps, and scars we bear are not unique; all organizations experience technical growing pains, but how you address those pains differs from industry to industry. We know the people entrenched in the work every day are the ones best suited to solve problems, so instead of a disconnected and expensive managed service model we deploy a consultation + education model. We work with you to clearly define challenges, identify relevant best practices, tailor them to your unique environment, and build your capacity to sustain them without us.

We believe in graduating our clients as alumni rather than entrapping them in a cycle of endless service like some kind of Wookiee life debt (shame on you, Han). This is one of the key tenets of the PEAK philosophy, our approach to redefining modern management:

PEAK leadership and methodology.


Andrew Keller created PEAK Management to redefine what it means to lead a modern organization. Most recently, Andrew was a director at a national management consulting firm, leading project teams working to bring data standards and interoperability to state departments of education and large urban school districts. The hallmark of his methodology is collaboration, bringing together leadership, program teams, and technical teams around common understanding of both role-specific concerns and overall organizational goals.

This methodology grew from the disconnect Andrew witnessed between leadership and staff, where projects failed left and right without a fully committed leader. Adjusting his team’s approach to focus on empowering leaders to embrace technical projects at a deeper level, clients began seeing long-dormant projects awaken with new momentum. Engaging leadership had many secondary benefits: it accelerated requests, advanced timelines, trimmed staff time requests, and facilitated greater collaboration across technical and program staff. Participation rates increased, projects began generating excitement instead of exasperation, and new opportunities arose. PEAK was born.

Prior to founding PEAK, Andrew's expertise as a technology advisor to growing organizations was forged through roles in management consulting, business analysis, public policy, legislative advocacy, business development, marketing, e-publishing, and web development. He is an Air Force veteran with a B.S. in Communication from Cornell and an Ed.M in Education Policy and Management from Harvard, holds volunteer leadership roles on two Sacramento County advisory boards, and alternates between snowboarding boots in winter and hiking boots in the summer.

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